All Components of Cameroon Fully Represented in Commissions of Major National Dialogue

The eight commissions of the Major National Dialogue moved into full gear on 1 October 2019 with heated deliberations at the Yaounde Conference Centre.

In his second press briefing since the start of the event, Dr George Ewane, the Spokesperson said the commissions are headed by high-profile personalities.

salle de commissions

He noted that six out of the eight commission chairpersons are from the North-West and South-West Regions.

The eight chairpersons include:

  • Joshua Osih – commission on bilingualism, cultural diversity and social cohesion;
  • Dorothy Njeuma – commission on the educational system;
  • Benjamin Itoe – commission on the judicial system;
  • Cardinal Christian Tumi – commission on the return of refugees and displaced persons;
  • Professor Saibou Issa – commission on disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration of ex-combatants;
  • Professor Atangana Amougou Jean Louis – commission on the role of the diaspora in the crisis and contribution to the country’s development;
  • Ngole Philip Ngwese – commission on decentralisation and local development;
  • Simon Munzu (replaced Dr Fumunyoh Chris) – commission on reconstruction and development of regions affected by crisis

The spokesperson also assured the public that the members of these commissions (over 500) represent Cameroon’s socio-political, cultural, socio-economic and intellectual components of the country.

Dr George Ewane pointed out that “the mobility of members is possible from one commission to another”.

He said “the National Dialogue Office has indeed set up this mechanism to cast a wide net in terms of relevant contributions for the restoration of peace in the North-West and South-West Regions, in order to ensure that no constructive ideas have been left out.”

The spokesperson vehemently debunked rumours that secessionists have been excluded from the Major National Dialogue.

“Who is more separatist than ex-combatants?” he asked.

It should be noted that a group of ex-combatants sang the national anthem during the solemn opening ceremony on 30 September 2019. Two remorseful ex-fighters from the set were also granted the opportunity to speak prior to Prime Minister Dion Ngute’s keynote address.